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Academ Dista - Distance Learning System

Academ Dista

Distance Learning System

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About Academ Distance Learning System

Ensuring continuity of the teaching-learning process

Academ Dista

Academ System


Academ System whose official website is is a subsidiary of HP Web Services, LLC, Florida, USA. It provides a software as a service (SaaS) for teachers, schools and universities. The Web-based software is designed and developed for remote classrooms and provides services for distance learning and remote solutions to school needs. It is an online learning sytem designed for distance learning program that can be accessed thru web browser. Most of the schools and universities are using video streaming applications such as ZOOM and Google Meet for remote lectures. Academ System has developed distance learning system, an online classroom and testing system. By adding our distance learning system to your video streaming applications such as ZOOM or Google Meet, it creates a complete classroom program delivered exclusively by your school. It is affordable and will enhance income generating to your school.

  • Convert classroom based curriculum to online learning
  • Student engagement on real-time as scheduled
  • Online testing with automated test-checking
  • Unlimited number of students can access the application using computer, laptop, tablet or cellphone
  • Online academic performance record (attendance and test scores)
  • Includes free online training for teachers
  • Lessens overhead expenses
  • Income generating

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Academ Dista Features


Distance Learning System for Institution and for Individual Teaching Professional

  •  Unlimited exams and assignments
  •  Unlimited number of questions
  •  Embed YouTube video and pictuire to your questions
  •  Automated test results with scores
  •  Retake test for a specific students
  •  Upload documents to share in the classrooms
  •  View student's test records
  •  Examination Analysis
  •  Classroom announcements
  •  Access scheduled examinations
  •  Classroom assignment quiz
  •  Submit assignments
  •  Access using any of these devices: laptop, tablet, cellphones or computer
  •  Access anywhere
  •  Admin control
  •  Add school logo and school name
  •  Upload and import school master list
  •  Grant and disabled user's access
  •  Control teachers and student classroom assignment
  •  Enabled and disabled classroom
  •  Switch classroom teacher's assignment
  •  Fast loading times
  •  Progressive Web Application
  •  Hosted in cloud servers
  •  Data is stored in Azure database
  •  SSL Security
  •  Data backup
  •  Unlimited Traffic
  •  System is in subdomain with your school name
  •  User friendly and responsive design

Upon request we can add more features to the system for your institution.

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